It’s a common saying that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. The same is true for cellists of all levels: the choice of cello and bow is an important one. Whether you’re a young student, a beginning adult, or an experienced professional, it’s important to find the combination of cello and bow that suits your budget, your musical level, and your future plans. That’s where Peter can help. As a cello consultant, he will guide you through the many decisions in this complex process.

“Buying an instrument is a very personal decision, and the choices can be overwhelming,” says Peter. “With my knowledge as a professional musician, my experience as a teacher for all levels, and my extensive network of resources across the country, I help people find the right balance to suit their specific needs – and I can often save them both trouble and money.”

What’s the best bow for a given instrument and musician? Should you rent or buy? Should you look for new or used? Do you want to buy now and sell later or trade it in? Where can you find the best instrument to suit your size, level, and needs? Should you make a private purchase from another musician, or buy from an instrument store? — Whatever your circumstance, Peter will help you determine the ideal combination of bow, cello, and budget.

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